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My Vision for Wicomico County

From farmlands and rural scenery to downtown streets and college campuses - Wicomico County is home to a diverse landscape. Each district of Wicomico has its distinct charm and challenges. Thanks to my background in the private sector, I have actively engaged with members from across the community for years, and will continue to do so to learn more about the problems we all are facing in our backyards and businesses.



The foundation of our community starts at our local schools. Education needs to be a key priority in Wicomico County. We must invest in our public school systems by providing both our students and teachers with the resources they need to succeed. We need to support opportunities for students to thrive after graduation and highlight higher education incentives and trade programs.

Increase talent retention with good wages

Provide support to CTE programs and other programs that ensure our students are career/college ready


Encourage professional development and best practices  on inclusion, diversity, & literacy.


 Wicomico County has a diverse and unique collection of natural resources, and perhaps no greater to threat to those resources is climate change. As a community we have been slow to address this issue, but climate change is already affecting every aspect of our community - from our watermen's livelihood to the preservation of our rural heritage. As a county, we need to understand the future impacts and develop a long-term development plan.

Encourage clean energy projects 

Install a county-wide environmental task force to develop and implement a sustainability plan 

Develop programs and regulations that provide opportunities for new development but preserve our natural resources


 Workforce Development

Coming from a family of small-business owners and blue-collar workers, I know the importance of maintaining a thriving economy. We need to grow a community that supports Main Street businesses and provide a space where entrepreneurs can grow their businesses. Collaborating with local businesses and industry leaders to identify opportunities so we can provide well-paying jobs to our community.

Coordinate with Salisbury/Wicomico County Economic Development  industry leaders to identify economic growth opportunities for businesses and workers like 

Increase jobs through support of local renewable energy projects

Boost up opportunities that drive tourism such as Shorebirds Stadium, agritourism, the National Folk Festival, Seagull Century, and more

Public Safety

Whether discussing our students, citizens, or emergency personnel, public safety is important to me. Wicomico County should be a place where everyone feels secure in their homes and on the streets. 

Collaborate with our public safety workers to rebuild community trust

Extend emotional and mental health services for our public safety workers

Support programs like the Community Outreach Addictions Team (COAT) to help end the Eastern Shore's opioid epidemic

Community Connection

Wicomico's greatest strength lies in the diversity of its people. Within our county borders exists all walks of life, and we need council members who are willing to build a community that is inclusive and be a representative of the communities they are serving.

Encourage further cooperation between Wicomico county and all 8 municipalities


Megan Outten is proudly endorsed by the following organizations for Wicomico County Council At-Large

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